Cambridge Day 2: “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” – JK Rowling

Strolling around Cambridge on Day 2, I wandered into the children’s section of Heffers (our Barnes and Noble equivalent). The three story bookshop has served Cambridge since 1876. In the Harry Potter section, I see a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I loved holding a copy of the first book, original title, that transformed my entire household into readers. The book literally was a binding agent for the parents and kids in my home. We had never left the house at midnight to buy multiple copies of any other book release. We sat in corners around the house and at the beach, reading and comparing notes. This shared book experience is one of the fondest memories I hold of a time when my family was one unit, one purpose, one goal.

While the Harry Potter series is truly “magical” in its ability to transform and transport readers into a new world, I am just as enthralled with the story behind the author. JK Rowling was a teacher, single mother, filed an order of restraint against her former husband, battled depression ( which inspired Dementors), contemplated suicide and had 12 rejections from publishers on her first manuscript. The concept of reinventing oneself is critical to resilience. This life is difficult, dark, lonely and bilaterally brilliant, sparkling and mystical. The path we choose of light or dark takes nerve, courage, and a few spells to ward off the dark arts.

It took a cauldron full of nerve to begin to reinvent myself. Choosing a new path for my children and family required ingredients of courage I could only wish to purchase from a skilled potions master or herbology teacher. It’s not that easy. If my children could tell my story to the world I would hope they always remember a muggle who believed in magic, used each obstacle as a challenge to master, protected her home against Dementors, and followed the wisdom of a silver haired wizard to model that our choices show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

They would say,  “Our mother is a Ravenclaw! ”

Intelligence. Wit. Wisdom. Creativity. Originality. Individuality. Acceptance.

They might say, “Our mother is crazy!”

I know one person who sends me a message every night. My husband says, “You deserve it all!)

All I can say is… “Accio Passport!”


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